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Goodwin International Property Consultants

Goodwin International Property Consultants is a Hong Kong-based company that works with the most popular developers to provide high-quality global properties which including England, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to our clients.

Our Team

Composed of experienced property consultants around the world, not only does our team provide one-on-one professional overseas property investment counsel, but also customize bespoke real estate investment plans for overseas investors based on their needs, budgets and preferences. Our range of services also covers legal counsel, tax consultation, mortgage referrals, and lease management, etc..

Our Service

Goodwin International Property boasts a comprehensive marketing network that includes financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants, lawyers, international marketing agencies, and overseas professional network. 

Tax Consultation

We collaborate with local accountants in answering clients’ questions on investment tax issues, whilst providing relevant plans to maximize your returns.

Given that it is necessary to understand the regulations on property taxation in different countries, we provide a professional accountant referral service. We make sure to match you with accountants who are fluent in your native language to ensure that you understand clearly taxation-related matters, to enjoy tax benefits.

For instance, certain expenses incurred by real estate investment are tax-deductible. Please consult accountants for further details.

Legal Consultation

Property investment is often fraught with rules and restrictions, dependent on the laws of different countries. Thus it is crucial to obtain legal advice from professionals regarding relevant regulations.

Offering an independent lawyer referral service, we work together with the most experienced, trusted professionals in guiding you through the legal jargon and taxation that varies from country to country. These lawyers ensure that clients’ property investment complies with the law and regulations, all the while answering every question clients may have throughout the consultation process.

They can render assistance in the following a Subjects about property sales and purchase.

Mortgage Referral

Based on your demand and needs, we can arrange financial brokers to coordinate with your case, so that you can harness local capital for global asset allocation, thereby maximizing returns from overseas property. Through leveraging mortgage loans, you can reap even greater profits from property investment.

Moreover, we work closely with local banks and mortgage brokers to guarantee the best customized financial plan for you. Based on the case, we will also offer a one-stop service for you to enjoy a hassle-free investment experience.

Property Management

We are devoted to managing and safeguarding your investment to maintain the highest returns. Consistently monitoring and analyzing the leasing market situation, we connect with local property management companies in providing quality lease management services to ensure our clients’ overseas real estate yield the highest returns on investment.

Overseas property management companies whom we work with are well-experienced in dealing with current lease laws. They handle paperwork related to leases, including drafting and preparing property inspection report, bond and lease statement. Possessing vast experience, local property teams deal with issues on property maintenance and tenancy with the highest efficiency to fully safeguard your interests.

Surveyor Referrals
We help our clients identify professional and experienced surveyors in the U.K. to provide property valuation and inspection services to assure them throughout the journey.
Inspection and Handover Services
Based out of the U.K., our team represents clients on-site for property inspection and handover matters regardless of uncompleted or existing properties. Utilizing their expertise in construction and furnishing, the team follows up on defects right away to ensure the properties are in good shape for the official handover.

Our Location

Our Location Our Location

Developers' Testimonials

Century 21 is a professional firm and the staff have deep knowledge of the international property market. Their hands-on approach and positive attitudes are key reasons for their superior performance. I will not hesitate to recommend Century 21 to anyone.
Chris Hoong -
Developer - FEC Managing Director
To me, Century 21 can be described in 3 simple words, Reliable, Knowledgeable, Approachable. After officially working with the team for nearly a year, I am happy to say that they are one of the most professional, dedicated teams that I have ever worked with, always transparent to their approach with customers, very communicative, and most importantly, I am always well informed and they will always invite me in the conversation with the customer when necessary, makes me feel like part of the team when it comes to customer service. The team is very knowledgeable about the UK property market and always keen to learn more. I am happy to recommend C21 to my friends and family.
Jack Cheng
Barratt Londan
We enjoy working with Century 21 because our companies share the same ethos and aspirations. Our short, medium and long-term goals align making our partnership both easy and enjoyable for us and most importantly the customer.

As a top-tier UK developer, our goal is to build market-leading luxury real estate and to provide our buyers with a first-class service; Century 21 help us achieve this in Asia making sure buyers across this region are informed at every stage of the sale through to completion and beyond. Century 21 always act with integrity and transparency, they are not afraid to speak up to ensure the best outcome for the client.

The team at Century 21 is passionate about what they do, they are driven and trustworthy. Alliance & I look forward to growing our partnership over the coming years.
Mallam Grant
Partner and Head of Hong Kong at Alliance Investments

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